Realize: Prologue

The alarm clock went screeching so loud until Lee Eunhee, who was still sleepy, reach for its button to press it and click – the noise went off. She tried to pull herself up from the very comfy mattress of her bed. Tried hard. Harder… but she was still sleepy. She could still feel her eyes getting heavy, and heavy, and heavy. Blame it because she didn’t go to bed early. Actually, it was already two in the morning when she decided to sleep. But she couldn’t blame anyone. She was preparing all the stuffs needed for Yunho’s arrival.

‘Yunho’s arrival -’

The thought hit her in the head. Hard.

“Oh shit!” she mouthed as her eyes check at the alarm clock on her desk. It’s already 9:30AM. She probably forgot to adjust her alarm clock.

“No need to argue,” said Eunhee to herself. ‘Yunho was already fetched by her mom from the airport.’

A big sigh. That’s what she always does when upset.

‘You nicklehead… you – ’

“Hey!” said Seorin, Eunhee’s best friend. One of her best friends. “I thought you’re about to see Yunho today?”

Eunhee sighed again. But this one was deeper. “I thought I would.” Her face got sadder, plusher hair wasn’t fixed. It has made her look a tad insane. “I’ll just see him later.”

Seorin shrugged. That’s the only thing she could do for now. “Ok, I’ll see you downstairs, alrighty?”

“All right.”

The room’s door clicked. Closed. Eunhee stared at the wall, then to a painting of her favorite park. She intently stared for seconds. One, two, three, four – until she lost count. Silence filled the room again but there was something Eunhee could hear. Laughing voices outside her room and one of it seemed to be very familiar, and she has been yearning to hear again.

Curiosity was on the track. Eunhee rose off the bed, puts her slippers on, and rubbed her doed-eyes. As she has gone out of her bedroom, the laughing voices grew louder and clearer and it has triggered her eagerness more. So the very mischievous she could be, Eunhee rushed to the downstairs and glided through its handle.

Everyone got flabbergasted, their face turned odd-looking. As Eunhee wobbly stands up, her eyes almost fall out of its sockets when she saw Yunho. She ran so hard, pounding towards the guy.

“Hey, hey, hey! You missed me a lot, don’t you?”  asked Yunho in a sly way.

Yunho got off the sofa just as Eunhee flung herself at him, hugging him around the waist and breathing in his leather-jacket smell, so bubbling-over with happiness that it felt like lemonade fizzing through herself. And she must admit, the jacket smelled like Tokyo, even the whole Japan!

Yunho hugged Eunhee back, firmly. Eunhee could feel his breath sort of coming out in gasps, his heartbeat through his leather-jacket and the shirt under it.

“Yunnie! I’m so glad you came, I’m so glad -”

“You’re a young girl no more. You’re now a lady!”

Eunhee tensed up, taking him by the shoulders and almost shoving Yunho away from her. “Is that all?” The things you wanna say after -”

“Ok, I’m sorry,” Yunho apologized. He grabbed Eunhee by the hand, squishing it. “if only somebody gave me a clue that you’re still the sensitive Eunhee way back when were still kiddos… Ok, I’m really, really sorry.”

Eunhee was saying something really slow, then stopped, her eyes skittering away from the puppy-like eyes of Yunho.

Then Seorin buts in. “Eunhee… I’ll leave you two, for now -”

“Seorin!” exclaimed Eunhee. It was like she had tumbled through a black hole. And everything was too twisted when she have said that. But Seorin knew. She knew that Eunhee’s reaction was because she was scared of being alone with Yunho. And the reason? Undefined, but she’s sure she would find it out soon.

“Eunhee,” Seorin started, tapping Eunhee’s shoulder. “I was just trying to tell you that I think Yunho is hungry so he needs to eat. But I think you don’t want him to see how great you cook -”

“Eunhee cooks?” inquired Yunho. He turned and stared at Eunhee, who got her cheeks blazing red. “You didn’t tell me.”

Eunhee shrugged. “I know it wouldn’t be nice if I did tell you in the emails I’ve sent you when you were still in Tokyo.”

In a whack, Yunho’s arm flung at the back of Eunhee and wrapped through her neck gently. “Says who, huh?”

Eunhee escaped, then jabbed a finger at him – “Never mind, never mind.” – and walked out while chuckling.

            – end-

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