A Lifetime

Title: a lifetime
Drabbles, one shot
Word Count:
322 words
PG-13 (for sensuality)
Character death, un-beta
Angst, AU, Romance

Notes:  This is my first time writing drabbles x3 .  Enjoy ^^/


The snowflakes fell down from the sky,

Showering the pavement with white and cold.

But again, there’s only one paired of footprints, walking slowly in a cold night.


Isn’t it beautiful?
To walk together in each other hands, to whisper affectionate words for each other, to love one another.
I want to go,
To your city, your house, into your arms
That face,
A soft touch,
Dissolving into the morning
Oh…I was dreaming.


“Look, my love,” Donghae said as he finished with something in the dining room.

Hyukjae watched him and looked around the house.  How he missed this house for almost three years.  There’s not a single changes, except for some furniture.

“I made this for you,” he turned around and smiled as he took off the apron from his body. “Appetizer first~!”

Hyukjae raised and come near him, hugged him and kissed his neck. “Can’t we just start the main food?”

The younger male blushed and let the older took off his shirt gently.


As many time as we going around the world, I could always remember the scents; old or even new, the texture of the different walls, even all delicious food we’ve been eat there.

But you know? The most scent I’m always remember is just our house.

And the best thing is, you always be with me.


There, in the same time and in the same place, he watched him sleep after took two sleeping pills.

“I want him to be happy…like he always been,”

“He will.” the death said.

“But he became hate his parents even more…and I-”

“He won’t, soon.  Because he knows you don’t like it.”

The brunette traced his fingertips of the sleeping man’s face with his transparent fingers.

“Will he…always remember about me?”

“…yes, he will.”

“Always be happy, Lee Hyukjae…” The brunette smiled sadly and kissed the sleeping man for the last time.

“I love you.  Good bye, Lee Hyukjae.”


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