Picture Perfect Chapter 3: Pudding!♥

Picture Perfect

A fic by Silverlining

Chapter 3: Pudding!♥

Aeri paced back and forth inside Eunhee’s room, her hair tied up in a messy bun and her work clothes traded for a baggy shirt and boxer shorts, making her look as disheveled as what she is feeling now. Eunhee sighed after staring at her bordering-crazy sister, her editing work finished an hour ago and a funny, stolen shot of Yunho decorating her computer’s desktop. Aeri had been brooding nonstop since after she changed her clothes a couple of hours ago, muttering under her breath.

“No, it can’t be, he can’t be the same guy…Junsu’s gone in Sydney and he’s in a different line of business now…maybe he’s just a guy with the same name. No, it’s impossible…he looks like Junsu so damn much.

“Yah! Who’s he Unnie? What are you talking about?” Eunhee asked for the umpteenth time, again ignored by her sister. Aeri finally stopped pacing and turned around, looking at Eunhee with sad eyes, “Eunhee-ah, I think he’s back.”

“For god’s sake! Who?!” Eunhee screeched, “You’ve been acting like an idiot since you came home, unnie.” She added, looking hopelessly at Aeri’s pale face, “You looked like you saw a ghost!”

“Junsu’s back, Eunhee…he’s back.” Aeri whispered, tears falling down her cheeks, “I’m still getting over him, why did he have to come back?”

“Bwo?!” Eunhee said, anger quickly painting her face red, “Where is he? I’m not done with him yet!”

“Yah, Eunhee-ah, it’s okay, I’m just shocked. Don’t mind me, okay?” Aeri sniffed, trying to embrace her fuming sister. Eunhee pushed her back, “How could you say that? That…that ‘thing’ practically crushed your heart, unnie, it’s unfair that only you got hurt while he just flies to Australia like nothing happened.”

“But what can you do? What can you possibly do to hurt him, huh? Tell me.” Aeri asked, and Eunhee fell silent, pursing her lips, “Besides, he’s my boss now; I have to get used to it.” she added, smiling and wiping her tears away, “I’m so stupid, aren’t I? I saw his name on the contract as one of the CEO’s for the modeling agencies that Vogue contracted yet I didn’t pay attention. I’m so stupid!” she said, lying down on the floor and closing her eyes, “You shouldn’t grow up to be as stupid as me, Eunhee-ah. Look at me, I’m 23 yet I didn’t have a single boyfriend, ever. Gah, I really don’t know what to think!” she screamed, grabbing one of her fluffy slippers and throwing it on the wall.

“No, you’re not stupid, unnie, well, sometimes…but you’re not stupid, you’re just confused because you loved him. He’s just a jerk for not appreciating your love and he’s not worth it. Forget him. There are tons of men willing to be your slave, for god’s sake, you’re Kim Aeri; the youngest professional photographer ever to hit Vogue, I’m kinda surprised no one’s waiting on our doorstep now to give you flowers.” Eunhee said, getting up from her seat and lying beside her sister on the floor, “So, how is he?”

“He’s hot.” Aeri said, pouting. Eunhee punched her arm, “I didn’t ask how he looked like!”

“He’s hot, rich, and perfect.” Aeri said, flipping herself, facedown on the floor, and burying her haid on the carpet, flailing, “It’s unfair! Why did he have to come back and look so tempting!”

“Unnie, seriously, this is getting ridiculous, pull yourself together!” Eunhee sighed, standing up, “I’m going to cook dinner; you want anything?”

“Oh, shit! Yunnie’s coming over! I freaking totally forgot!” Aeri exclaimed, sitting upright and standing up before dashing towards her closet.

“How can you forget that? Seriously?” Eunhee asked while opening the door, “Does oppa want anything in particular?”

“Look at you, blushing and calling Yunnie-bear ‘Oppa’.” Aeri smirked, popping her head from the closet, “Just give him some crackers when he gets here before I do; I’ll just go to the market and pick stuff, I’ll be back on time, I promise.”


“Changmin-ah, do you mind if I pull up, Aeri’s file?” Junsu asked, sitting behind Changmin’s desk and clicking away in the young man’s PC. Changmin nodded, busy with eating his cake, “Sure hyung, just don’t mess up my files.

“Nice porn collection.” Junsu grinned as he came across a hidden folder, clicking each content. Changmin doubled over and rushed to his side, closing all the porn videos Junsu clicked, “Yah, hyung! Don’t go through my personal stuff! Just…here.” He said, clicking at a folder and extracting a file, “Here’s Aeri’s file. Now hands off my merchandise!”

“Aye aye, captain.” Junsu smirked, and began to read. He smiled as he read all of Aeri’s achievements during the past 10 years, remembering the times they had together when he was still helping Aeri deliver her photoshoot samples to various modeling companies. Things have been going well until they met Byulae….well, until he met Byulae.

Byulae was one of the young trainees in one of the modeling companies Junsu went through to deliver Aeri’s work, and she had at once fell in love with him. She had told him the possibilities of a career as a model, and Junsu gladly accepted. He didn’t know Byulae’s intentions but all of it was made clear one day, when Byulae knew about Aeri. Naturally, Junsu would recommend Aeri to be his photographer but Byulae noticed the spark in Junsu’s eyes whenever he mentioned Aeri’s name. Angered, Byulae told Junsu that he would only be successful if he would get totgether with Byulae and if he ever mentioned Aeri again, he would be kicked out of the fashion world, and Aeri wouldn’t make the cut either. Junsu was afraid that Aeri might have difficulties with pursuing her dreams in the future, that’s why he left her, a little bit cruelly too. But he did it all in spite of love.

And now, he’s the owner of one of the most prestigious modeling agencies in Korea, and Byulae is waiting for him to come back in Sydney. But seeing Aeri again made him think twice about going back. He was determined to get her back, at all costs.

But the problem is, she might not take him.

Junsu smiled as he found what he was looking for. Getting a piece of paper, he jotted down the information and pocketed it, rising up from his seat, “Changmin-ah, I’m going out for a bit; tell Jaejoong to wait for me, will you?”

“Can’t do that; Jae already left, he said his wife is going nuts so I let him. You remember the last time we didn’t let him go home on time don’t you?” Changmin asked, smiriking. Junsu nodded his head, “Yeah…it’s not pretty. Okay then, I’ll see you tomorrow for the next shoot okay?”

“Yeah hyung, take care.”



“Coming, Unnie!” Eunhee said as she wiped her hands on her apron. She had just finished washing some plates when she heard the doorbell ring. She waddled towards the door and opened it, her smile quickly replaced by surprise, then horror, “O-oh. My. God….”

Yunho looked at Eunhee with a puzzled expression on his face, tilting his head a bit to the side to see if there’s someone else in the house, then checking a piece of paper, “This is Kim Aeri’s house?”

“Y-yes….” Eunhee whispered, still gaping with her mouth open at the gorgeous man. Yunho was wearing a white, thin, long-sleeved polo with a black vest, a pair of black jeans, and black loafers. His hair was styled in soft spikes (like his hair in the purple line MV*), and was wearing a very rich but mild cologne. Eunhee felt herself go red as she stuttered, her mind in jumbles and her hands beginning to sweat, “Y-yeah…y-you must be Yunho-sshi…please come in; Unnie just went and got dinner.”

“Oh, you’re Aeri-noona’s sister? Forgive me for being rude, I’m Jung Yunho, one of her models, it’s nice to meet you.” Yunho said bowing. Eunhee thought she might explode, “A-ah yes. S-she told me you would come, I-I’m Kim Eunhee, noona’s…I mean, unnie’s only sister.” She said, bowing clumsily. She walked inside the room and stepped aside to let Yunho in, before closing the door behind him. They made their way towards the living room, and Eunhee motioned Yunho to sit, while perching herself timidly on the pouf across Yunho, “Sorry about the mess…I’m done with cleaning yet…”

“I can see that.” Yunho smirked, eyeing the messy apron that Eunhee is wearing. Eunhee gave a small ‘eep’ and took the apron off, setting it beside her on the floor, “Erm…do you want some crackers?”

“Crackers?” Yunho asked, looking at her with surprise before sniggering. Eunhee swore she punched herself in her mind ‘Dammit Eunhee! Pull yourself together! You’re acting like an idiot.

“Sorry bout that, it’s just that Unnie said to offer you something to eat first before she comes back…” She mumbled, looking at her feet. Yunho smiled and looked at her, “You know, you look nothing like your sister…you’re cuter.”

“Bwo?” Eunhee said, blushing harder as Yunho continued to look at her, his head tilting to the side to look at her eyes, and Eunhee found it so, soooo cute!

“Stop it….” She whispered, hiding her face in her hands ‘Omo omo! Why am I blushing!!”

“Is there something wrong? Do I make you awkward or something?” Yunho asked, sadness evident in his voice. Eunhee looked up and shook her head, “N-no…it’s just that, I’m a fan…”

“Ah, I see….well please don’t be too embarrassed….your Unnie and I were like family when we were working…please treat me as you treat her.”

“If I treated you like I treat her, you might not like it.” Eunhee said smiling. Yunho clapped his hands, “See, you’re smiling at me now! Isn’t that easy?” he said. Eunhee smiled wider, “Yah! Don’t treat me like a kid! I’m 19 you know?”

“Oh really? Then it must be fate, I’m just 20.” Yunho said, waggling his eyebrows, “You wanna go out sometime?”

“You’re a player, aren’t you?” Eunhee asked, her eyes narrowing. Sure, she’s dying because of spazzing right now, I mean, If your crush asked you to go out with him, won’t you spazz out too? But she learned from her Unnie how a broken heart would look like, and she sure didn’t find it pretty. Yunho raised his hands in surrender and put on a shamed face, “I am not! At least, not with you…I know pretty well what your Unnie looks like when she gets angry. I just want to get to know you better now…why don’t we start as friends?”

“I-I’ll just make you some pudding.” Eunhee stuttered, getting up from her seat. Yunho moved towards her and followed, “I’ll help ^^”

“No, you stay here. It’s not polite to let a guest help you, that’s why you’re called a guest.” Eunhee said, sticking out her tongue and walking to the kitchen. Yunho smiled and sat down, he didn’t expect Aeri’s sister to be that pretty. Yes, in his job, there are a lot of pretty women to go on with, but Eunhee…there’s something different.

Yunho shook his head and laughed ‘What’s wrong with me? When did I ever get like this around a girl?’ He asked himself, looking at Eunhee’s apron…‘Maybe it’ll turn out good after all.’


“That will be 50$ ma’am” The woman at the cashier said, handing over Aeri’s groceries as she gave a 50 dollar bill to the old lady. The lady smiled and bowed as she exited the grocery store, dashing towards her car and throwing the groceries at the back before sliding in the driver’s seat, turning on the engine.

“Come on baby, please don’t do this to me now.” Aeri said, as she turned the keys one more time, her old mustang just sputtering before the engine dies again, “Gah! This is unbelievable! Why didn’t I think of buying a new car in the first place? Curse you expensive vintage camera from England!” She said, shaking her fist animatedly at nothing. She gave up after the 20th try, slumping with her forehead to the steering wheel, her hands hung low on her sides, “Why do these things happen to me today? Today’s supposed to be my lucky day…oh screw this.” She said, getting out of the car and locking the door before going to the passenger seat and taking out her groceries, “Now what?” She asked herself. The grocery she went to, and she even didn’t know why she goes to this very, very, secluded area of Seoul just for groceries, was a mile’s worth of walk before you can hail a cab from the freeway. She grudgingly dragged her feet towards the direction of the freeway, noting in her mind the address of the grocery store so she can call her mechanic and have her baby towed over and looked on. She sighed and walked on the sandy path, turning her gaze towards the distant street lights and letting her mind mull over some unimportant stuff.

She finally reached the freeway, not all she needs to do is hail a cab or go hitchhiking. Aeri sighed and thought the latter might be her only choice, since she remembered cabs don’t go this way as well. She put down one of her grocery bags and put a thumb out on the road, signaling any car that passes by that she needs a ride.

“Hey, you stuck?” A car pulled over and the man inside said, opening the door on the passenger seat for her. She nodded and gratefully slid in, her grocery bags stacked pell mell on her feet. The car drove off, making its way towards the district of Seoul. Aeri sighed and smiled at the driver, “Thanks, my car got bust on my way home, it’s really nice of you to give me a lift. My name’s Aeri.” She said, squinting and trying hard to see the man’s face in the dark. They were currently going through a tunnel and the only light source available were the occasional flashings of red from the tunnel’s ceiling. The man’s face was obstructed by a sunglass, hiding most of his face. But Aeri could see his plump lips, and cute, slightly crooked nose, “I know.” came his reply.

“Wha?” Aeri mouthed, completely perplexed. They passed out of the tunnel and the blaring lights of downtown Seoul illuminated his face, as he took off his sunglasses, Aeri can’t help but gasp.

“Don’t run away like that again, Aeri, you almost gave me a heart attack.” The man said, looking at Aeri’s face as the stoplight grew red, “I haven’t seen you in years, the most we could do is talk.”

“And what would we talk about, Junsu? Didn’t you say everything five years ago?” Aeri replied coldly, looking outside her window, “You can drop me off by the next bus station, I can take a cab from there.”

“Don’t be stupid, I’m dropping you off at your place, there’s weirdoes everywhere.” Junsu said, turning an intersection when the light went green, driving through the slowly trickling traffic with ease, “Besides, I’m going to your place anyway, I want to talk to you.”

“About what? If it’s business, we can talk tomorrow, now let me out.” Aeri said, taking off her seatbelt. Junsu sighed, “Give me a chance Aeri, let’s act like adults for once.”

“Look who’s talking.” Aeri mumbled, her eyes growing wide when she saw the familiar neighborhood, “Yah! I don’t recall telling you where I live.”

“I have my connections.” Junsu said, smiling at Aeri. Aeri felt herself blush; Junsu’s smile always gets her everytime, and it’s kinda surprising to find out that she still felt that way after a long period of time.

“Stalker.” She mumbled, getting out of the car once the Junsu stopped in front of her driveway, dragging her groceries with her as she knocked on the door. Junsu followed her, “Come on Aeri, even just for a couple of minutes.”

“I don’t have time for you, Junsu, go home.” Aeri snapped. They heard a set of feet shuffling as the door opened, producing Yunho from behind it, “Oh, noona, what took you so long?” he asked, noticing her angered expression, “What’s with the face? Here, let me get that for you.” he said, taking the bag of groceries from her hands and walking away. Aeri felt the air go cold.

“So, this is why you don’t want to talk to me…I get it. Sorry to bother you.” Junsu said, hurt evident in his eyes. Aeri’s expression softened, a pang of guilt brimming in her chest. Hey, wait, why is she feeling guilt? Gah, Aeri what’s wrong with you?

“Yah! Don’t think unnecessary things, I’m not like you. If you want to talk, let’s talk now.” Aeri said, closing the door behind her and facing Junsu on the driveway, crossing her arms on her chest, “Go on.”

“Aren’t we going inside?” Junsu asked, a bit hopeful. Aeri rolled her eyes, “If you want to get killed by Eunhee, fine, go inside. I’m saving your butt from glorious spanking, idiot, now get on with it.” she said, moving a bit closer, “What do you want.”

“Aeri-ah, about Byulae…” Junsu began cautiously. Aeri sighed, “Look, Junsu, if we’re going to talk about that bitch again, save it. I don’t want to talk about her; I’m getting along fine with my life without you now. SO you should do the same with her. It’s fine by me, I understand that you’re my boss now and if you’re worried that I might get some emotional yatta yatta during work then don’t; I act professionally when I work, Su, so please. Save the sermon for later.” she said. Junsu smiled. “It’s been a long time since I heard you say my nickname…”

“It is, hasn’t it…” Aeri mumbled, smiling a bit, “Sorry, Junsu, but if you’re just here to dig up the past, I’m not going to let you get to me again. I’m done. We’re finished; there wasn’t even a ‘us’. It was one-sided from my end, I know, and I’ve been an idiot for wishing that you’ll pick me from her. I mean, what am I?” her voice cracked, and Junsu could see her eyes beginning to water, “I’m happy for you, and for her. I don’t have a grudge anymore, Su, so please, let’s stop. Let’s just have a normal relationship as colleagues…I don’t need the extra baggage now. I’m happy.” she whispered, tears flowing from her eyes, “Really I am..so please, don’t come here again.” and with that, Aeri opened the door and went inside, wiping her tears with her sleeve. She waited for a couple of minutes until she heard the car pull away from her driveway and drive away, the noise of the engine disappearing completely, before she slumped on the doorway and wept.

Junsu…you’re my happiness.’


End chapter :3

I know Adenine is going to kill me for another cliffhanger, but I can’t help it;I’m having my finals in just three days and my brain is going haywire, so Adenine dear I’m sorry for this lame update :3 I promise a better one after my finals, gah I swear

I’m shaking now, I have to review!!!

Thanks for reading guys~



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